Can anybody say they specialize in Quinceañera photography?
We can!
My wife and I have been photographing Quinceañeras for 15 years.
I have been photographing them for 28 years.
We know all the different traditional parts of the ceremony and the formalities at the reception.

Many clients have asked us to plan their day because they don’t know what to do or if what they plan to do is correct.
Although we are certainly not planner or coordinators, we are directors of the entire event while we are setting up for our photography to take place at the times specified by our clients.
We feel that the parents and the Quinceañera should just show up and have fun!



Thank so MUCH for all the photographs. We really like them. All my friends are jealous of my

album. The photographer they got didn’t do a good job like you. thanks again”

Priscilla Montaño
Tucson, Az

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History of the Quinceañera

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