Avoiding Wedding Day Problems

Actual Wedding day problems:

Your hair dresser is not done with you nor your bride’s maid’s hair. Just the 1st wedding day problem that can ruin the whole day if you are late for the ceremony.

There’s more………

  • Your Limousine is lost or doesn’t show up.
  • You can’t remember were you left the marriage license and wedding rings.
  • The dressing room at the church is locked.
  • The photographer is taking some pre-ceremony photos  and you don’t have your bouquet.
  • Your beautiful flowers arrive late and in a different color.
  • You forgot to order flowers for the church and the flower shop is an hour drive.
  • Church does not have stands for the flowers.
  • The users are late so your groomsmen have to seat your guest.
  • The videographer delays the procession because his tripod and video camera
    is not ready.
  • You are ready to walk down the aisle, when you realize you forgot to buy an aisle runner.
  • Members of the wedding party stopped to eat so now they are late.
  • The videographer is also late and does not have time to put a wireless microphone on the groom or by the kneeler.  (Congratulations, with no audio of your Vows, Ring exchange, special readings and blessings, you’ll have a very beautiful and colorful silent Movie of your wedding ceremony.)
  • It is so quiet in the church, you can hear every foot step you  and your dad take because the organist is still home practicing your wedding march.
  • The guest book attendant arrives as your dad is walking you  down the aisle.
  • You just lit the unity candle, you kiss, both of you turn around and your vail goes up in flames.
  • The church allows 40 minutes after the ceremony for pictures  but you can’t break away from your guests at the receiving line.
  • The receiving line took longer than your wedding ceremony
    and there is 5 minutes left for professional formal photographs
    by the altar.
  • The wedding party group photograph is being taken and you notice 2 of the groom’s men have already changed into their  jeans and sneakers.
  • Your photographer is taking beautiful close-up portraits and you have make-up and lipstick stains all over your dress and all that is left of the grooms boutonniere is the tape and the pin. (This is the result from your receiving line.)
  • You’re taking the flowers from the church to the reception and Pastor/Priest
    says NO!
  • Luckily the limo driver found the church and things are starting  to get better. Until you try to stuff your wedding party of 14 into  an 8 passengers limousine.

         Reception Wedding day problems:

  • You arrive at the reception on time and you want to be introduced but your DJ is still setting up and the band can’t find a parking space.
  • The band is trying to set up but the DJ took their spot.
  • Every one is waiting at their table or standing at the buffet line and the caterer tells you that they are running a-little-bit behind.
  • The MC announces the best man’s toast but the champagne has not been served and the best man is in the restroom changing into his comfortable
    muscle shirt, jeans and sneakers.
  • The DJ forgot to bring the song for your first dance.
  • You at ready to toss bouquet and garter but all the single guys and girls are at the bar watching the ball game.
  • The dollar dance starts and everyone starts going home.
  • You forgot to buy pins for the dollar dance. The scotch tape won’t stick to your dress and the duct tape won’t come off it!
  • You want the photographer to take some photos of your guests but your guests are gone.
  • The photographer informs you that their will be no cake cutting photos in your wedding album because the wedding cake has already been served
  • Finally, the evening is over, your ready to leave for your honeymoon. Your family takes your presents, the limo is waiting outside to take you to the airport and the band will not accept checks and the credit cards are maxed out.

There is a solution!  

We at Unique Photography offer a free service where we analyze the wedding day and print out an itinerary with recommended results that will basically map your entire wedding day.  With this wedding day itinerary, you should be able to just show up and have fun!
To learn more about our little secret to planning a perfect wedding day, just e-mail us at   or call me at (520)884-4748.
(you don’t have to be client to take advantage of this free service.  We just want you to have fun and of coarse we want you to have the best photography possible by planning in advance.)


Jesse – Unique Photography

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