The quality of Photography used for advertising will determine how good or how bad the return on the
investment will be.

Most advertising agencies shoot their own photos or use their own staff photographers.  In most case these people did not study product or commercial photography nor lighting and composition to give products that 2nd dimension that sells.  Those well-meaning people, not understanding the importance of a great photograph will cause businesses to lose hundreds and thousand of dollars in sales.
These amature photographers lack the knowledge of using light and shadow to show the most detail, and  therefore are hindering the total effectiveness of any ad.
In fact, I know of 2 individuals that sell ads and they actually told me that the photos didn’t matter. It was the size of the ad that was most important.

I let them take photos of us for the ad they were trying to sell us and after I saw the results, besides canceling the contract, I started feeling sorry for all the business that have relied and are still relying on in-house photographers  for traditional print advertising or video.

With our product and commercial photography, special care in lighting and detail is most important.

If you don’t believe that a photograph sells or kills a business, just look at the menus from Olive Garden, Applebee’s, Chilli’s, Mimi’s and other chain restaurants.  You open the menu and you can’t make up you mind.  Your mouth gets watery with every single photo you look at.
You see, that is the power of great advertising photographs!


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