Wedding Photographers Tucson

Wedding Photographers Tucson

Hello,Wedding Photographers Tucson also does Family portraiture, Seniors, Children and Quinceaneras

My name is Jesse Montanez and my wife Bettina is my artistic director.
We are both Weddings photographers but she focuses more on the fine details that can be overlooked.

We have three beautiful children that are now in college.  Photography has been my passion-hobby and now a profession of 34 years.  I love photography and the ability to freeze time with photography.

I am the person that is responsible for telling the story, especially when it comes to capturing family in portraits and Weddings photography.

For me, photographs are more than just images on a screen or photos in an album.
They are real moments captured and frozen in time.  With us at your side, on your very special day, we’ll capture the most amazing photographs that you could ever imagine.
These photographs will show personalities, fun, emotions, love and in the future, these photographic images will have the power to move people, by emotionally transporting them back to that moment in time.wedding_0062

Wedding Photographers Tucson

With our photography service, we guarantee that you’ll relive all the love and emotions of your special day,  laugh at the fun parts and cry tears of joy as you look back at the romance and love you all shared!


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